Tear sheets

” It was really great to work with Lisa – she is professional and proactive which allows you to focus on your event. She is dedicated to doing an excellent job and is a part of the process all the way until the end with great delivery.”

Barbara Jackson, Programme Director Race for The Baltic/Zennström Philanthropies

Photos for Race For The Baltic - Baltic sea City Idea lab - Event Documentation

Photos for article covering the sustainability work at the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm, Kvalitetsmagasinet 2016-2

Co-worker portraits of the secretariat at Global Utmaning - an independent Swedish think tank

Co-worker portraits for communication consultancy Global Reporting

The Blank Spot Project team

Moses Monday John, Organization for Nonviolence and Development in South Sudan, for Omvärlden

Marcia Rioux, professor at York University in Toronto, for Omvärlden

Vidyasagar Ramamurthy, Unicef Child Protection specialist in India, for Omvärlden

Jan Cedergren, Swedish representative at the UN Green Climate Fund, for Omvärlden

Press release for exhibition "Ett Frö" at Rosendals trädgård, Stockholm